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By Janet Johnson - Posted on 27 May 2010

I am relatively new to online learning, but an old hand at blogging. I joined KCDL, parent company of iQ Academy, last October, as VP of Marketing. I've been marketing software, technology and communications solutions for many years; and experiencing the extreme relevance of this particular juicy blend of technology and education is extremely delightful to me.

In my blog posts here, I'll be exploring topics such as:

  • Online learning trends – how is this option growing? Who's adopting it? 
  • Social media – how do parents and students thrive online? 

(I have been an active practitioner and student of social media since the dawn of its explosion in 2004 – to read a couple of years of blog posts, visit my personal blog at

And I want to warn you... I will post about bright and shiny topics along the way... I've been known to do that.

Some facts about blogging and social media use:

In the US population at large:
Fewer than 25% of us will actively create content online this year, but more than 70% of the population actively read blogs and participate in social media. People are becoming more likely to comment or vote on content (37% last year, up from less than 20% just a year ago).

If you look at 18-24 year olds:
46% will actively create content online, and almost 90% of this age group actively consume social media. Half of this age group will comment or vote on content

To get those stats, I used the Forrester Research Consumer Profile Tool, which is very fun (and enlightening) to explore as you look to understand how people interact online:

So I hope we'll have some fun conversations along the way. Forgive me if I just plow on without much interaction in the beginning… but when you feel comfortable, I hope you'll jump into the fray with me. Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and we'll all have a good time, and by golly, we'll all experience online learning together. Using this forum.

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