Why Now Is a Great Time To Consider AP Courses

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By Scott Holm - Posted on 07 June 2010

One of the greatest benefits of attending a virtual school is the expansive list of courses students can choose from. Even today, students in rural or underfunded school districts have very limited access to the curriculum and instructors needed to serve a broad array of student needs.

At iQ Academy we give many students choices they might not otherwise have by offering from a few to nearly 20 Advanced  Placement® (AP) courses for high school students. Sure, many students don't want or don't need AP® courses, but college-bound students should look closely at the opportunity for several reasons:

  1. AP Courses are a clear way of demonstrating your educational commitment to colleges or employers. Students who successfully complete an AP® course and/or the AP® Exam are viewed as ambitious and willing to go the extra mile.

  2. Passing the AP® Exam in the spring can be an easy way to save money on college credits. With higher-ed tuition costs rising every year, earning college credits early can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  3. If you have the drive, the rigors of an AP course® can prepare the student for difficult college and career work down the road. Adding additional responsibility is a great way to build confidence and skill.

  4. When unemployment is high, the opportunity cost of college is low. Starting college means you're less likely to be missing out on a well paying job by being in class.

  5. Many scholarship providers take AP® work into consideration, so the student can increase the pool of scholarships from which he/she is qualified for.

  6. You just might learn something fun. The truth is, if a student is interested in a particular subject, he or she may really enjoy spending extra time studying it. AP® courses can satisfy many students' curiosities about history, science, language, government, economics or more.

Regardless of a student's plans after graduation, the opportunity to take an AP® course is one that should not be brushed off lightly. If you or your student are interested in taking an AP® course, now is the time to look. Course selection meetings are happening now or will be soon. Contact your local iQ Academy office or our Student Admissions department to discuss course enrollment options for the 2010-2011 school year.

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