How To Get Involved With the iQ Community This Summer

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By Sonya Saatzer - Posted on 11 June 2010

In an earlier post, I wrote about some ways to cure summer boredom such as learning a new hobby or volunteering at an organization you have a passion for, but what if you’re just looking for a way to have fun with some of your friends from school? We’ve got that covered!

Club iQ meets every month during the school year to discuss new activities and hobbies, introduce you to new friends and have fun online! This month, Club iQ is all about SUMMER!

In the first session we will discuss how to land your perfect summer job or start your own business. In the second, the focus is excellent volunteer opportunities and how to plan your entire summer so you make sure to do everything you want to do.

Club iQ will be taking place Tuesday, June 15th and 29th If you’re already a student at iQ Academy, check your webmail account for times and the link to join us in Elluminate. If you’re not a student yet, or are in the process of enrolling – see below for how to get involved this summer!

If games, prizes and chatting with people from across the country is more up your alley this summer, iQ Live! is just what you’re looking for. We play everything from 20 Questions to Pictionary, share quirky viral videos, invite guest speakers and have some free chat time.

Again, if you’re already a student, you know where to find us! We’re excited to see you this summer in Elluminate and hear what you’ve been up to.

iQ Live happens each Friday during the school year. The summer edition will take place the following Fridays: July 9, July 23 and August 13.

Other Social Events

Social events are also being held by each school this summer. Check your local website for events happening near you. Some examples of events this summer include water parks, bowling and pizza parties, amusement parks, mini golfing, baseball games and more!

**Club iQ, iQ Live! and local social events are for all current and prospective students. If you’re thinking about enrolling and want to see what these fun sessions or events are like, contact your local iQ Academy to have a listing of summer events, dates and links emailed to you. Visit for a listing of schools, then call or email your local iQ to request the list!

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