Spending Summertime Wisely - Part 1: Summer Jobs

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By Mike Thatcher - Posted on 23 June 2010

To many students, summer is a sacred time of year. Two and a half months without obligations, schedules or worries. If planned correctly, summer can also be profitable and productive time for students as well. Summer is an excellent chance for students to gain experience that will help them stand out on college application.

Based on the Club iQ information session here are some great tips for students so they can have a fun and profitable summer. As mentioned during all the information sessions, students should gain permission from their parents or guardians before applying to any job.

Many students find summer is the perfect time to land their first job. Wondering where to apply? Many local pools and lakes are hiring now for junior lifeguards. Some of these positions are on a volunteer basis but some do pay as well. Many elementary schools, churches and YMCA’s are currently running summer camp programs and may need extra help. It never hurts to call and ask if they have extra openings.

Additional “traditional” summer jobs include working at seasonal amusement parks, fast food restaurants and retail stores. It is important for students to remember to apply to both national chains and “mom and pop” local, non-chain locations as well.

There are also a number of “not so traditional” job choices for students to consider for summer employment. Students should use their hobbies and interests to drive their job hunt. If a student is interested in cars they should look into a mechanic who may need some help around the shop during the summer. Interest in animals could encourage a student to call around to veterinary offices and pet groomers to see if they need any help. Perseverance is key and as anyone looking for a job will tell you, never get discouraged by, “sorry, we don’t have any open positions at this time.”

There are also some important things for teenagers to consider when they are filling out a job application. All job seekers should be as clear and concise as possible. Spelling, correct grammar and usage are also extremely important. While it may be tempting, teens should most definitely avoid using text speak (OMG, LOL, lower case i when speaking in the first person, cuz instead of because, etc.) when filling out a job application.

Most applications require students to list references or previous experience. This can be very intimidating for the first time job seeker.  However, many teenagers never realize that there are numerous people in their lives who have many great things to say about them.

Students should also consider creating a resume to leave with their application. A resume demonstrates to potential employers a person’s qualifications and professionalism. The resume does not need to be lengthy but it should include their experience, references and any other interesting information about the student such as volunteer experience and club involvement.

With practice and patience, teenagers should be able to find a great summer job that fits them perfectly and that gives them the experience (and a little extra cash) that allows them to have a fantastic summer.

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