Understanding the iGeneration: Results of Our Student Survey

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By Janet Johnson - Posted on 12 July 2010

In a recent survey, we asked 500 middle and high school students from around the country about their attitudes towards school. The results are in, and it is fascinating to read what was on the minds of today's students. Here are a few interesting bits of information we learned from the survey:

The good news for parents and teachers?

  • Nearly 90% of teens said they are planning to enroll in a four-year college, community college or technical program when they graduate from high school.
  • 43% ranked going to college at the top of the list when asked if they could do anything when they graduate.

The challenging news?

  • As the number of classrooms shrinks and the student population grows, middle and high schoolers feel like they are being lost in the shuffle.
  • 60% said that when they fall behind in their classes, they have to ask for help or don’t get the help they need to catch up.
  • More than 33% confirmed that they have to ask to be challenged when they are doing well.
  • 55% of students say that bullying is a problem in their school

I think we were surprised by both of those findings. The results of this survey were quite telling, and it sheds an interesting light on the attitudes many students have towards school.

We have also taken the opportunity to survey our own students as well in an effort to compare the attitudes of traditional school students to the attitudes of online students, and we will share these results with you as they come available.

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