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By Scott Holm - Posted on 15 July 2010

Call me forgetful, but I read so many things on the web that I often can't remember where I found them. Sure, I could bookmark them all in my browser, but I'd soon have thousands of bookmarks to dig through later - no thanks! The good news is that now I don't have to remember everything I find onilne, Diigo will do that for me!

Diigo is a free, cloud-based social bookmarking service that enables you to bookmark, tag and annotate any webpage you find, giving you the ability to easily save resources that you might want later. Everything is saved to your Diigo account online, and is accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. This is a great tool for virtual school students as most of the schoolwork is done online.

On top of centralizing all of your bookmarks, Diigo gives you the ability to tag your bookmarks with keywords that you can use to group similar pages together. Let's say you come across a website with some great Biology resources, and later you find a news article about a new species of snake discovered in the Amazon rainforest. You may want to cite both of these resources on a Biology paper at the end of a course, so you can simply visit Diigo and quickly bring up the bookmarks you tagged with the term "Biology".

And what if you save a new bookmark, but you want to remember later which part of the page caught your attention? Using Diigo, you can highlight parts of a webpage and take notes, so when you visit that page again, you know exactly what you're looking for.

Diigo also has a vast online community where people share the things they discover on the web. If you want to find the best, most popular websites about a certain topic, you can easily browse the Diigo community for the most-saved pages by keyword. The more people who saved it, the more popular (and potentially valuable) it is.

Although I enjoy using Diigo to bookmark all of the great things I find on the web, this free tool is an incredibly valuable virtual notebook that students can use to build a clean, organized bank of the best parts of the web. 

Browser Tools Make Bookmarking the Web Easier Image
It would be cumbersome to visit Diigo.com every time I need to bookmark something, and thankfully, I don't have to. Using the free Diigo Toolbar, Diigolet or Diigo extension for Chrome, you can quickly save bookmarks and notes with the click of a button.

New in Version 5.0 - Images and Screenshots.
Diigo recently release Diigo v5.0, which now gives you the ability to collect and annotate screenshots and pictures. Create an even more detailed library of web content than ever before.

Also Available on the Mobile Web
As mobile devices grow in popularity, more people are browsing the web on smartphones and iPads. Fear not, as there are free mobile tools for Android and iPad that allow you to use the best features of Diigo on the go.

Login Using Your Favorite Services
I wish I had known this when I signed up, but there is no need for you to create a new account just for Diigo. You can get started by simply using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo! account, giving you one less password to remember.

Check out the video below for other great ways to use Diigo, the free cloud-based bookmarking and note-taking tool.

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