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Beginning Your College Search: What To Look For During The Summer

For rising seniors (and all other students for that matter), summer is a great time to do some research into potential universities and colleges you may want to apply to.

First things first, if you have never visited a university campus, the summer is a great Online High School Blog: College Search time to do so. Find a university near you and call the admissions office to find out when they are offering tours for prospective students. Even if you’re not interested in attending this particular school, getting on their campus will give you something to compare other schools too. Check out the facilities: dining hall, dormitories, and athletic facilities.

If summer classes are going on, ask if you can sit in on a class or lecture to get a real sense of what a college education is like. Also, talk to people! Most guided tours are led by current students who can give you first hand knowledge of campus life. Grab a copy of the student newspaper and check out the bulletin boards in the student center and library to learn more about campus life. Gather as much information about this particular school and start a file; this is your baseline school, and the beginning of your search for the perfect match for post high school education.

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