Why Do Students Choose iQ Academy?

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At iQ Academy, we serve students from all different backgrounds, each with his or her unique reasons for attending a virtual school. So, we asked our students to tell us their story, and we received some great answers!

What you see below are videos created by iQ Academy students, answering the question "Why Do You iQ?" We invite you to view the videos to learn more about the many reasons students choose to go to school online.

Congratulations to the students who received the most votes in the contest!

  • With 348 votes, Farah Aldasouqi takes the top prize and will receive a 16gb Apple iPad!
  • Will Abrams received earned second place and will receive a Flip HDSlide Video Camera to create even more great videos with!
  • Erin Misar earned third place and will take home a $50 Gift Card for Amazon.com or iTunes. Great job, Erin!